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Thank you for choosing JOHNSON FIREARMS as your firearms Exporter or Importer.  To expedite this process, here are some general guidelines.   Feel free to call or email us at sales@johnsonfirearms.com for more information.

Export OR Import

After we receive these documents, we will apply for your license.  An approval can take 2-8 weeks to get back from the U.S. Department of State, sometimes longer.  We have had many applications submitted and an approval given the next day. 


Our fee for processing your export license is only $399 for up to 2 Firearms.  The US Dept of State charges us for most of that fee and we then tack on a little for the 1hr – 2hrs of work involved in the submittal process.  When you order the Firearms through us there is no limit to Firearms that we will add to the application.  Some companies add a percentage of the total value of the Firearms to increase the fee, since it is all on the same application, we don’t charge extra for nothing!

In fact on Big Orders and our Foreign Stocking Dealers – we will waive the Application fee and pay for the expense ourselves.


Recently Johnson Firearms has cut out the middle man of the Freight Forward companies that prolong the shipping process and add unwarranted fees.  We now use one of our Subsidiary Companies – Johnson Shipping, Ltd.

Johnson Shipping, Ltd. Is a subsidiary of Johnson Firearms, Inc that was created in 2011.  Johnson Shipping, Ltd. sole purpose is to save the customers of Johnson Firearms, Inc. up to 40% on their Export needs all around the world, as well as handle the Sensitive Goods and Material that are purchased through or handled by Johnson Firearms, Inc.
Johnson Shipping, Ltd. works out of the Port of Miami and Miami International Airport.  For any further information or assistance, please contact David F. Johnson at:  Dave@johnsonfirearms.com

Thank you for letting us serve you as your U.S. Firearms Exporter.  We will Succeed at making this sometimes treacherous process as smooth as possible!

For more information, you can send an e-mail to sales@johnsonfirearms.com

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